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Lissage BIO Organique Coffee Green – 1L


It is the perfect smooth for women in a hurry and demanding. Actually, with the COFFEE GREEN treatment, your hair will be perfectly smoothed in a record timing ! Honma Professional revolutionize the Brazilian smoothing offering an organic product with a simplicity and rapidity unequalled.

This article contain :

  • 1 Coffee Green smoothing 1L
  • 1 explanatory note

One step, one product. Yes, that’s true ! The COFFEE GREEN smoothing is not a pack like the other, it contain just one product. It make it easier and faster to do for an optimal result. Apply the COFFEE GREEN treatment, leave to work, rince it and smooth it. That all there is to it ! Look at your hair supple and flexible !

Biologic and natural activesThe big advantage of the COFFEE GREEN smoothing, is that it does not modify the chemical hair structure. It act with an innovating organic component made up of keratin and LCC amino acids, bio and natural actives. These ingredients take care of your hair :

  • The extract of Araica coffee seed for a soft and brilliant hair.
  • Castor oil plant, with hydrating and feeding properties.
  • Cupuaçu butter known for its hydrating properties.
  • Anti-aging avocado oil, fortifying, regenerating and repairing.
  • Sesame seed oil containing lots of vitamines essential for healthy hair.

COFFEE GREEN smoothing have been elaborated with actives carefully chosen which rebuild, water and bring vitality and brilliance. Bonus : anti-aging action avoiding early aging of your hair.

Implementation :

  1. On dry hair, divide hair in 4 parts and apply the product one cm from the root (after doing the shampoo opening hair scale).Leave to work 40-50 min.
  2. Rince hair until no produt left. .
  3. dry.
  4. Smooth 4 to 5 times each strand to 180° maximum.


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