A nourrishing complete rangeThis treatment brings a capillary restructuring before or after chemical process, with or without thermal action. Thanks to a complete keratin affixing on hair, the lost capillary mass of hair because of chemical process is found again, hair is deeply hydrated.Keratin and Buriti oil revitalize, water, protect and feed hair.Batana oil is a restructuring, and repairing oil, fortifies, thickens, and brings volume, detoxifying and purifying, it protects against coloring, waters and feed.

Process of « Cauterization »: Wash hait twice with the shampoo, wrung hair, apply « Replenisher »,leave to work 10 minutes and rince. Remove excess of water (70%) and apply « queratina », leave to work 10 minutes. Without remove the « queratina », apply the Post Chemical Mask, and leave to work 15 minutes. Rince it correctly. Do a blow-dry,using the average temperature. The hairdresser could advice his clients to buy one of our home care kit to improve and continue the treatment at home. You can do this process while it is hot. For that you juste have to heat up the « queratina » during 5 minutes with a hairdryer and put an alluminium hat for 10 minutes. After that, apply the Total Repair Mask, but be careful: if your hair is rubbery, do not do this process while it is hot. Process of « bio-hydratation » : for porous and dry hair (chemical process): Wash hait twice with the shampoo, wrung correctly and apply the « Deep Lipids Replenischer ». Leave to work 10 minutes. Rince it and do a blow-dry. We advice to use the Experian Kit after this process to maintain it. Process of Deep Hydratation: For every types of hair, wash hair with the shampoo, wrung it with a towel, apply the mask in accordance with the sort of hair: colored hair apply "Post Chemical" Mask, damaged hair because of chemical process or curly and dry hair use « Total Repair » mask, and thin hair apply « Balsam » mask. Leave to work 20 minutes. Rince it deeply and do a blow-dry.

N-Solutions - Mask "intensive balsam treatment"


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  • 1 mask “intensive balsam treatment” 1kg

For an impressive result and a total repair,there is the complete range of N-Solution products composed of a shampoo, the treatment mask, a repair mask with keratin and a reconstructive treatment.









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